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Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect


Mediu has selected Amazon Connect as a preferred platform for delivering unparalleled customer experiences!  Forrester recognizes Amazon Connect as a leader in the Contact Center As A Service Wave.  Amazon Connect offers cutting-edge technology and innovative features that align perfectly with our vision to make every client a CX leader.

Why Amazon Connect

In 2017 Amazon built its own customer service platform, which the company used as the foundation for its CCaaS offering.  The Amazon Connect platform provides a complete set of CX capabilities, in addition to next generation capabilities and roadmap.

.Although impossible to list every great feature Amazon Connect delivers, Mediu believes it is especially differentiated by the following:

Only Pay For What You Use

No minimum subscription fees means customers reduce costs by only paying for services they use.

Extensible Open Platform

Combine the power of the Amazon Connect and AWS Cloud to build your perfect CX platform.

Game Changing ML & AI Today

Improve customer experience and agent productivity today with easy to implement ML & AI capabilities.

Future Proof Roadmap

Amazon is known for its continuous innovation, allowing customers to stay ahead of the competition.

why mediu

Unlock the true potential of your CX platform with Mediu’s expertise across the entire Amazon Connect stack. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and deliver a tailored solution.

Amazon connect Service Offerings

Mediu focuses on a complete range of Amazon Connect consulting services to companies across all industries.  Our experts have helped more than 170 companies migrate legacy platforms, leverage next CX generation capabilities, and develop innovative applications in the following four focus areas. 

Are you ready to take your customer service to the next level? Look no further than Amazon Connect Migration by Mediu.  Our team of experts will design, develop, and seamlessly migrate your company to Amazon Connect, ensuring that your interactions with customers are nothing short of extraordinary.

Mediu’s C3PO (Cloud Contact Center Proven Orchestration) methodology accelerates platform migrations, reduces client burden of traditional implementations, and reduces the risks and challenges commonly associated with adopting a new contact center platform.

Say goodbye to outdated systems and hello to a new era of customer satisfaction.

Improve both your CSAT/NPS and containment rates with self-service applications based on natural language.

With our innovative three-phase solution, we’re taking self-service to a whole new level.

  1. Containment business strategy
  2. Develop omnichannel natural language applications
  3. Real time self-service feedback loop
Lifelike conversational AI with virtual agents can double your current intent coverage.

Experience the excitement of Natural Language Self-Service today and transform the way you engage with your customers.

Two next generation CX capabilities that are often implemented in tandem.

Conversational Analytics, the game-changing technology that takes customer interactions to a whole new level! With its speech and chat transcription capabilities, natural language processing, and intelligent search, you’ll gain deep insights into every conversation.


From there assist agents with Next Best Action, helping them to understand the context of their customer’s intent and leading them to the correct information for the desired outcome. This leads to reduced onboarding costs, improved agent productivity, and higher lifetime customer value.


Mediu unique approach includes:

  1. Agent productivity analysis
  2. Setup and configure automatic categorization, issue/fraud detection, and sentiment analysis
  3. Developing both real time dashboards and historical reporting
  4. Build out the Mediu Agent Compass repository for Next Best Action

The future of customer engagement starts here. 

Workforce Management, the secret ingredient to streamline your agent operations and boost productivity! Say goodbye to scheduling woes and budgeting nightmares with this powerful tool. With cutting-edge technology that is ML-powered, you’ll effortlessly forecast, plan, and schedule to meet your strategic goals.

The Mediu Amazon Connect WFM solution consists of:

1) Migrating current WFM data if required
2) Setup and configure forecasts, capacity planning, and schedules
3) Develop KPIs, dashboards, and reporting
4) Annual support to optimize and fine tune

Unleash the power of Workforce Management and transform your business into a well-oiled machine.

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