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Analyzing and Shaping Customer Journeys

I just went on a customer journey, just not a pleasant one.  Admittingly, anything between financial institutions tends to bring with it a ton of frustration.  This specific action, however, was fairly straightforward and I had done it with other companies with no hassle in the past.

I’m at the airport and jump on my iPhone to see if I could get an overview of the process.   No dice, too hard to navigate through all of the marketing and fluff.  Once we are in the air I start up the laptop and log into my account.  Nothing.  No worries, load the home page and type in my search.  Bingo, a PDF on exactly what I need.  Unfortunately, the document tells me it can be done, but NOT how to do it.

During my layover, I try to call customer support.  No IVR options so I get to an agent.  The agent does not speak English very well and because my request is “not standard” gives me a specific departmental number to call.  Of course, they don’t actually take calls and I have to leave a voicemail.

Two days later I get an email from an employee who knows exactly what process and information is needed.  Unfortunately, you can tell she is overworked and really only wants to communicate through email.  This takes another two days.

It got done, but I will never agree to a deal that uses this institution in the future.

Take a look at the link below, it’s a technology I’m excited about and can really help organizations use a data-driven approach in their customer journeys.

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