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New Top Contact Center Challenge

Year after year, survey after survey, Agent Attrition has been the #1 Contact Center Challenge.  For as long as I can remember it always has been.  Recent research, however, shows it has been dethroned by Agent Desktop Tools.  Of course, Agent Attrition is still a top concern, but it’s interesting that it slipped a few spots.

This aligns with what our clients are asking Mediu to consult and work on.  The following trends are driving the increase in the number of applications/tools an agent must interface with:

  1. Increased focus on the customer journey
  2. Agents being asked to solve more advance customer problems
  3. Increase in the number of digital channels
  4. Connection with legacy / acquired systems
  5. Regulatory and compliance requirements

In a 300-seat contact center, this lost productivity results in over $1.5M of cost. 

What’s your strategy on this topic?

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